July 13, 2001 - Mike and Marilyn's 2001 TranAmerican Bike Tour

Mike and Marilyn's
2001 TransAm Bike Trip
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July 13, 2001

TRANSAM 2001 > Wyoming

Walden, CO to Riverside, WY. (50 mi.) Mile 2628

Wide open Wyoming

We crossed over another state border today, leaving Colorado without spotting a moose. This country is Moose Preoccupied though. In the last few days, we've eaten at the Lone Moose Cafe, The Mangy Moose Saloon, had moose cakes for breakfast, stayed in the Moose Spotting Capital. This country doesn't look a bit like moose habitat. And what about the neglected antelope? At least they are out there, seemingly interested in our passing.

Welcome to Wyoming

And behind us, the Welcome to Colorado sign we didn't have when we entered Colorado from Kansas

Yesterday we rode 62 miles between any type of service, and today it was similar. We have to be sure to take enough water and food with us. Yesterday we were a little nervous because we had forgotten 2 of our water bottles back at the campground, but we had enough extra to get by. Like the pioneers traveling West, we have left a trail of articles behind: water bottles, a debit card, 2 pairs of sandals, bike gloves, a phone card...

We had heard many cyclists didn't like Wyoming because of the miles and miles of desolation. Some of this depends a lot on the wind. Today it was in our favor, so we are finding Wyoming scenic so far. We have had a constant smell of sagebrush for the last week. The afternoon thunderstorms didn't build until well after we arrived at the Lazy Acres campground, had set up our tent, eaten a big lunch, and were trying to take naps. We've had cooler temperatures, starting out chilly in the morning and not getting much above the 70s. We have received email from our German friends, Peter and Maren, who are still pedaling across Kansas. They are having cooler temperatures too, and doing well.

North Platte River
Big Creek

This has truly been a trip of discovery. Besides learning about our country, for example, I have discovered the cure for cellulite. Forget those messy creams. Simply get on a 60-80 lb bicycle and pedal up and down mountains across the country 50 miles/day every day for 3 months. "And it really really works". (You'll still have lumpy legs though, from mosquito bites.)

Our camp at the Lazy Acres Campground, Riverside

The Encampment Museum with historic buildings and fire lookout tower, a mile down the road. The afternoon thunderheads are starting to build in the background. The two communities of Encampment and Riverside have a total population of about 400-500. Copper mining was once the basis of the economy. Now it is forestry, tourism, and ranching.

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